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        Beautiful Rock was formed primarily for two reasons. One reason is that the majority of skincare products available contain ingredients that extend the bounds of absurdity. Many of them can be found in breast cancer tissue? Even if that is debatable, why have the debate? Assuming there are three new chemicals entering the market every day and there are already tens of thousands of chemicals on the market, assessing the potential health hazard is impossible. It seems that companies have convinced people to foot the bill for a huge experiment. Reaching this conclusion, we stopped participating in the experiment and investigated producing our own products.

         The other major reason the Beautiful Rock came to be, came from a comprehensive investigation of the skincare product potential of our local resources. Located on the island portion of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada we are surrounded by an abundance of resources from which high quality, therapeutic ingredients can be wildcrafted. Our products are enriched with various extracts of the medicinal mushroom Chaga, tree resins, bark, and essential oils, flowers and kelp.

         Our lives were truly blessed in 2009 when we met Dr. Michael Bland. Dr. Bland was one of the pioneers of Sea Buckthorn in Canada. Although we were well aware of the immense benefits of Sea Buckthorn, and was a future dream, Dr. Bland was well ahead of us. Dr. Bland and his wife Jackie had nursed hundreds of Sea Buckthorn plants into the thriving orchard it is today. Not a chemical used, ever. No synthetic fertilizers either.

       Dr. Bland has since passed away. It was always his wish that we continue the Sea Buckthorn mission and we have. While we met through a common interest in Sea Buckthorn we shared many goals such as integrity, emphasis on quality and an organic approach.

      Sea Buckthorn has become a major part of our lives in large part due to the many positive personal experiences from consuming and using products from Sea Buckthorn. The list of conditions that can be improved using Sea Buckthorn increases every day.


So... if you are looking for products with the freshest, highest quality ingredients, minimally processed in small batches from largely wildcrafted resources, we like to think you are in the right place.