You're a Teacher? How did you start making soap?!

Well, it’s been a busy summer! I don’t know about you, but each year seems to go by faster and faster!! The Beautiful Rock Team is preparing to begin the busiest craft show time of the year! And we’re so looking forward to it :)


I (Katherine) would like to congratulate team members Michael and Robin on purchasing their first home!! I’m pretty sure they’re sick of renovations and are excited to start the new school year…and visit you in what will be a busy craft fair fall season for us!


You may have noticed I mentioned the school year. Many of you may not be aware that every member of the Beautiful Rock Team is a teacher! How did teachers get involved in making soap? You’re not the first to ask!!


I began making products when my brother gave me everything I needed to make my first batch of soap. It started with my birthday gift, distilled water, and lots of it. My birthday is in December so, apparently, I had to wait until Christmas to receive the remainder of my gift. This turned out to be books about making soap, and lye, the key ingredient that you just can’t find at the local grocery store! My obsession was born!


I was always moving from one “crafty” thing to another, but once I found soap and all the possibilities that came from that first batch, I was hooked.


I started learning about natural ingredients, and their importance. As someone who had never considered the chemicals in the abundance of products we go through each day, this was quite enlightening! It was a sort of awakening to another view of the world. So many products I loved were harmful in so many ways, and I had no idea. When you consider the high incidence of cancer, and the ever-growing number of allergies, it’s hard to ignore the products we use in our day-to-day life.


Then, I had a baby. Well…

Talk about awakening to another view of the world!


My brother had two friends, Jason & Michael, who started making products on their own during the time I was living life as a brand new mom. They were learning more about chemicals in the things we use, and started experimenting!  These guys would go to the Corner Brook Farmers Market with soap wrapped in saran wrap, and sell away. You have never met more charismatic people in your life. But, when you’re selling soap in saran wrap, you have to bring more to the table. And they do! I think they were successful because of their belief in the products, and the knowledge behind them. Their packaging could definitely have used a makeover, but these guys know what they’re talking about!

Michael and Jason started taking some of the products I made with them to the market.  Their reputation was growing and a local retailer approached us to sell our products in her shop here in Gander!  Once I was able to join them (and wasn’t totally lost in mommy-land), we made it official and formed Beautiful Rock.

We share a common belief in the importance of 100% natural, quality ingredients.  This province, this "Beautiful Rock,"  has so much to offer, especially for skin care.  We intend to bring these incredible resources to you in the form of our hand-crafted products.  And we love every minute of it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Who is this Robin chick?  Stay tuned!                

Hi from L'il Henry & Katherine :)


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