She’s Not So Crazy After All!! Robin’s Journey to Beautiful Rock

I have always lived a lifestyle where I chose to use all natural ingredients for food or body products and I have always believed in holistic healing. I give thanks to my mother for introducing me to this lifestyle at such a young age, even though at the time I thought she was crazy! I’d like to share a handful of the hundreds of ways my “crazy” mother helped influence my lifestyle and how it all led to Michael and also to Beautiful Rock!

Pesticides where “ THE WORST,” as she would say, and we were NEVER to play on any grass that had been sprayed. If our neighbors sprayed their lawn, we stayed in the house with the windows shut for two days at least! (Or until she considered it to be “safe”). She had us so scared of pesticides, I thought I would die as soon as I stepped foot on anything that had been sprayed!

And bug spray! Ohhh bug spray! When I was younger we did not have access to an all-natural bug spray and my mother was certainly not going to let us use “pesticides” on our skin. We would always be covered in bites! We just had to wear longer clothing to stop the biting if the bugs where plentiful. The angriest I would ever see my mother was when other parents from our sports teams sprayed us at the fields with bug spray when she was not there. I don't think she missed any games or practices after that! 

And we were to be bathed IMMEDIATELY!

My brother and I also had eczema growing up. Pretty bad too! And unfortunately, during that time there was no Internet to Google the natural remedies or what caused our eczema. The doctor would always prescribe (or try to prescribe) a steroid cream, which my mom did NOT agree with. However, she did cave in once and used the cream on my brother, which made things only get worse! To this day my mom still regrets using the cream and believes my brother is so much taller than the rest of the family due to the small amount of steroid cream she let him use. Haha! ( He is 5,10”). From that point on she would only let us use store bought creams (as natural as she could find).

But nothing worked until two years ago… which brings me to how I became involved in Beautiful Rock…

I’m originally from PEI. When I moved to NL, my friend Sarah would always tell me she had the perfect match for me, a guy named Michael who was “ granola” (as she would say), like me.
“Sweet,” I told her, “Set it up!”

When we were finally introduced he told me about his company, Beautiful Rock, and how he lived an all-natural lifestyle as well! I thought, a very sweet and handsome, granola guy! Wooo!! SCORE! :)

After we had been dating for a few months he started to notice how bad my eczema was. He said, “I’m going to make you a cream to help with your dry skin.” Now, keep in mind, I had this skin condition for my whole life. I would lose sleep because of how itchy it was, and my legs where always bleeding. That year was also the worst eczema I had ever had.

The creams they made and he gave me to try (I was the guinea pig) were what we now call Chagalate Seaberry and Seaberry Soothe. I immediately started using them twice a day (morning & night). My eczema was gone in less then a week, along with no itching or scaring. I couldn't believe it! I could finally sleep! The itching had stopped almost immediately!!!! I didn't have to have my hands up my shirt or down my pants in public anymore scratching my stomach and legs!! RELIEF!!!

That was 2 years ago and I ‘m still eczema free!

I was introduced to Katherine, her brother Andrew, and Jason. I joined the company shortly after that. Beautiful Rock became what I focus on every evening after work (teaching) and every amount of “free” time we have. And I love every minute of it!

And of course my mom is one of our biggest customers! :)

Robin checking out a huge mushroom on a birch tree. 

Her sidekick Bella is never far away!

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  • Thelma Sansome - January 05, 2014

    Hello. I have been using the All Natural Seaberry Soothe Salve for a nightly moisturizer. Do you think this to be okay?

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